Owning up to some small mistakes

I have found a few small factual errors that are on me, and a number of typographical errors that are on the strange “production flow,” including copy editing process, for my book. None of the factual errors are seriously problematic–they don’t change my interpretation of any significant events. Nevertheless, I hope I’ll be able to correct both factual errors and typos before the book goes into paperback. If not, I’m parking them here for those who might care. And if you find any more errors or typos, please let me know!

Factual Errors

p. 30–Henry and Lillie Lewis did stop paying taxes on their house in 1895, but they didn’t subdivide their lot and sell half of it until 1904. The correct scenario is on p. 79

p. 117–Cather departed for the Southwest from Pittsburgh (see this letter), so she and Lewis did not depart together from New York City. Rather they likely met up in Chicago and went on together from there (as the newspaper reference from Lincoln quoted here demonstrates, they were together by Nebraska).

p. 266–It was Charles Green’s son, not Ralph Beal’s son, who committed suicide in 1939 (see this letter, and thanks to Sheree Fitch for pointing out the error).

p. 343, note 10–The inscription in the Turgenev novel is dated August 1904, not August 1905, so, yes, the gift happened in August 1904, as the body text on p. 66 indicates.


p. 57–The copy editor added a word that created an error, and I failed to reverse the error. “Edith wrote a sentimental ballad about her alma mater and New Hampshire landscapes”– there should be no possessive pronoun before alma mater. She was not writing about her alma mater (Smith College is in Massachusetts, not New Hampshire). Rather, she was writing lyrics for a male graduate of Dartmouth to sing. “To alma mater” was factually and grammatically correct.

p. 146, first full paragraph–Should be “Even though Cather evoked” rather than “evoke”

p. 150, bottom of the page–Willa Cater Living should be Willa Cather Living (obviously).

p. 161, bottom of the page–“Book 4of the novel” should be “Book 4 of the novel” (insert space).

p. 188, bottom of page–“senator’s wives and daughter” should be “senators’ wives and daughters.”

p. 319, first full paragraph–Mildred Bennett’s name is spelled correctly the first time and then misspelled Bennet.

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